Stay Away True Woman


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Josh Vaughn-Guitar, Vox
Ben Jais- Bass, Vox
Tessa Konkol- Drums, Vox


released April 25, 2015

Have to thank, must thank, pleased to thank..........
Two States Audio, Rob Majchrowski, Brian Fox, Sean Christopherson, Tessa Konkol, Mary Williamson, Brian Rad, Mikey Rioux, Sierra Dufault, Dav Yendler, analog_android, Jen Larson.


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


BIGJOY Chicago, Illinois

BIGJOY is full of pop riff goodness. We perform truth oozing sets at local venues right next door to you.

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Track Name: bigger man
I take my lungs out
you take some time away

you put your fists out
I scratch myself away

I am a bigger man
fast as I can
I am a bigger man
fast as I can

you always laughed at
the sight of me all day

I need your tongue tie
say never float away
Track Name: city life
I have no answers child but
the city the city has learned
I'm lookin' for space in the mean time
telling the hour it works
it's a simple push into the right lane
getting to all she's worth
I think the asshole should've never come
he is not part of the earth

my system sucks in the noon time
give me a potion that works
city's sweet little lamp light
girls who are good are perks
i love you more than all the others
you get away from me
i call you back in my free time
will you forget it's me

I never look to a day
to keep my arms up
chops up sleeping all day
I like to laugh in charge
of all of my fun I bet
the city life
is a life for some

i gave my gifts to a legend
a breeder a talent a man
he shook so loudly I could listen
to all his negative plans
there was never a girl in his life
whom he could fuck or beg
the woman in my heart is listening
to the love that's in the way
Track Name: wide awake
what I do
is cause of you
and cause the world
might not see

i came with you
and i didn't know you
and you didn't know about me

I wish we had another golden plan
a way to get out of here
I wish we had another golden plan
a way to get out of here

through most days
we sing our bright song
to the people passing
by our lawn

we're together
we'll be forever
wide awake
and then hush

(oh my impossible impossible skin)
Track Name: happy
and i know
i failed you
from the start it was
there was never any way
this life could be saved
this night could be saved

even stuff i stuff i know
makes the story seem so old
if you're trying to blame me
go on it's free

happy you are my darlin'
happy you know it's over time

cannot stand the shades you drew
when i was inside you
walking tasting beating love
i've had enough
i've had enough of love

happy you are my darlin'
happy you know its over time
happy you are my darling in this life
happy you are my only night
Track Name: do what's hot
yes i noticed that you had me
that you had me at the top
and then something made you grab me
made you grab me quite a lot
yes i noticed that you left me here
you left me here on top
and so i say to you my dear
take me off this spot
off this spot

im out and i am happy here
i'm happy off this spot
you've never seen me go like this
i'm staying here on top
i have my lonely fix now and
that helps me quite a lot
it's just me for miles around
that will never stop never stop

i swear that you're with me
i can see and hear you too
i swear that you're with me
i call and complain for you

i'm this speck that's fancy
never wishing to look up
everything in front of me
help me stay on top
new ones are my lunch now
and they keep me off this spot
what's important mostly
is you get to do what's hot
do what's hot
Track Name: i am hungry
when I am alone
i am waiting here
when i am alone
i am hungry
turning something sweet
something i can eat
make my mouth grow large
then i'll take you home

on and on I have to say

first to have a bone
when i'm walking home
theres a place i know
that can save me
place saves me
every week
cant we both take charge
then i'll take you home

on and on i have to say
how it's my turn my own
needing time i have to say

yes i'm needing
my friends
need a better time
a better time today

this this gets me home
one idea stoned
we can't be alone
if it's this hard
let me be
that's not sweet
i can only fucking love you
now take me home
Track Name: represent my kin
in the far plains
of my country
my world
i have seen
cold men hunt for nothing
then sing a familiar song
unpleasant are the sorry
empty sores of my rich love
can't imagine a better voice to

represent my kin
furthest shore again
remembering our mothers
our ancient good time brothers
it makes us makes our plans
it makes us see the end

under cover of starry impossible sky
i meet you for several drinks
play a part that no one sings we're crushed
with all your moment traps and chains
the girls the guys want the gifts oh they want
the fuckin' same oh yes oh yes oh yes I know

(k k k k k k k kin)